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How to fix Err_ name_ not_ resolved

ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED usually pop up when you try to log on to your website and web page not available at that moment. It is basically occur because of your DNS issues. Google chrome error mostly indicate that your domain name cannot resolved so website cannot be open. It can occur because of number of causes such as configuration problem, Google chrome browser cache and the website you are trying to open may be down.


It’s mainly depend on which cause built it, by using an appropriate solution will help you to fix an error quickly. Try all below mentioned matter for sure, there is no harm.

Clear Google Chrome Host cache and browsing

All the records of browsing data, page visits, website links, past browsing sessions and name of the websites saved in browsing history.

Other private elements such as cache files, cookies and save passwords etc are also saved during your browsing. All these results show in speed of the browser and show pop up ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.

To resolve this issue, clear Google chrome’s browsing data cache, by clicking on three dots on the right side of your top of the search bar, select “more tools” and then click on “clear browsing data”. You can also press “Ctrl+shift+del” access directly on “clear browsing data” option.

Now, in clear browsing data you have to click on which you want to remove from your google chrome browsing. Select browsing history, cookies and other site data & catch images & files. Now click on Blue button “Clear Data”. Restart your browser, Google chrome and see if issue is resolved or not.

Still you’re facing the error, now click on Google chrome or a new incognito window. Now click on three dots that visible on top right corner of the search bar. Also you can press the keys “Ctrl+Shift+N” to open a new incognito window directly.

Open new incognito window, and click on the address bar and start typing “chrome://net-internals/#dns” press “Enter”. Go to the “DNS” option showing on the left side, select “clear host cache”.

Update your DNS Server

Many experts suggest this method to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED which usually pop up when you try to log on to your website and web page not available at the moment. The DNS service and servers are owned by the google. It work as a recursive servers who provide domain name resolutions for any website hosting. We usually recommend to use Google DNS for fast and secure uses. Also by updating your DNS services you can easily fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.

To switch your DNS Server to Google’s DNS server, Open your Network settings, now make a right click on the start menu and click on “Network connections” now go to the setting and make a click on Network & Internet.

In the network & internet column bar choose connection type showing on the left side and then make a click on “change adapter option” visible on the right side of the window.

Now click “Network connection” and choose option “properties”.Click on “Internet protocol version 4” and choose option “properties” visible on the below right side of the column.

Now one window will open with the option “Properties” you have to choose “use the following DNS servers addresses” now two bar will open one is Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server.

Put in the preferred DNS server and in the alternative DNS server. Save the changes by clicking on SAVE button. Now restart your computer and check whether it is fixed or not.

Disable Predict Network Action

There is a function name Prediction Service in Google Chrome feature. It helps to improve speed up page loads time by predicting network actions.

Sometime, if we disable this feature of chrome than it will help to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED issue.

To try this option, open your google chrome setting by clicking on three dots visible in the upper right side. Now scroll to the bottom options and make a click on “advanced” option.

Now you can see the “privacy and security” section and find “use prediction service to load pages more quickly”. If this option is on then click and turn off this option. But if you can’t find this option, than disable “preload pages for faster browsing and searching” visible on the page.

Restart your Router

This is one of the easiest way to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED issue. It take just 5 minutes and your problem get resolved without any theory. What you have to do is. Go and press power button until your router shuts down and all the lights go off.

Now wait for several minutes like 2-3 minutes and turn on your router.

And now check if issues is resolved or not.


You can also disable VPN to fix the issue. I hope all above mentioned help you to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on your android, window or mac.

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Fairytale Wedding Decoration Idea

Every girl is a princess of her own fairytale world. She always dreamt about her fairytale wedding and prince charming. Typify by fascinating embellishment, aristocratic theme and legendary theme will make your fairytale wedding dream come true. Below some fairytale wedding decoration ideas. Hope this help in your dream wedding.

Simple Chick Vintage Theme

A beautiful vintage theme specially for all those girls who love nature and greenery. This is perfect for those who want simple chick decoration with vintage style.

Squishy touches of pink decorated the tables with the cherished beautiful vintage theme. The bride’s fantastic and sheen gown was a requisite to touch the clouds of her dream wedding like royalty. This is a eternal and elegant, bridal glint look helps to make her fairy on her wedding day. Vintage props decorate the table of cake preserved stuff confection and romantic.

• Purple chick theme

Fairytale Wedding Embellishment can be inexpensive without glance sleazy if you perceive what you want and acquire the chance to design everything glimpses the demeanour that you hold in your head.

This embellishment may add charm to your wedding, and they do not take lots of money to organise your fairytale wedding special.

This Floral decoration with purple chick theme will provides exact glimpse what you want.

This purple floral chick theme provide you exact glimpse on you wedding what you want in your dream.

• Perfect Cinderella Allusion

Highlighting allusions to your Cinderella world, fairytale embellishment is impeccable for your wedding tables.

For this fascinating look, dawn with a big farmhouse or wooden feast tables. Next, elite pedestal holders for candles of different sizes and style. Select a few wooden holders with various size of the pedestal to assimilate austere elements into your showcase.

Fine mist different size of pumpkins to show on your pedestals. This fascination decoration is surly to spark your wedding decoration in fairy-world style.

A Perfect Pink

Pink is my favourite and I am sure after seeing the embellishment for Sangeet Ceremony, Pink become your personal favourite. Pink is everywhere and balanced very beautifully and gives the stunning look.

Lovely! This every girl’s dream. Embellishment of walls with beautiful flowers and full of lightening element. Each wall is decorated with tags of bride and groom’s name.

The Perfect customised chair is unique with the hashtag of names. This super cute chair for sangeet give cherishes feeling to ever bride and makes her dream of the fairytale wedding come true.

• Dream Mandap

Whenever I think about my fairytale wedding first thing come in my mind is Mandap Decoration I don’t know why. I always plan about my mandap how will it look when I implement my thoughts in reality but somehow medium of this article I’ll share my personal idea, like in future I am going to choose this Mandap theme definitely.

These two perfect pastel pink vintage is perfect one. In my fairytale world this comes first in-fact I plan all the other things also. But if you are planning to get married think about this Mandap embellishment once if you have same cup of tea as like me.

• Turkish Style with Antique Decor

Huge maroon and stamped to adorn with a vintage white and gold couch and chairs, these arrangement was done for billionaires in Turkey.

Colossal Light hanging from the ceiling compose a pyramid which is adding Beautiful Turkish majesty effect to the wedding decoration.

It’s totally your choice which embellishment you wish to pick-up according to your dream wedding wish. But always summon one thing into your mind to match your ensemble with your soul-mate. Also you can adopt the vehicle or wagon for the entry. So this will make true all your wedding dream world of magic!

Picture sources: Google.

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10 Tips To Become a PPC Expert

What is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) is a model of advertisement at the online platform where advertiser accumulate some money when visitors click on their ads. PPC helps to improve all type of campaigns aim such as growing website, increasing sale, promoting rank on Google and promote market awareness.

How PPC Work For You?

Whenever the users made a search for a specific product or a service, advertiser automatically show a targeted ad at the exact moment.

For example: if a person searches for “best smartphone” an advertiser can display all the related products ad at exact moment.

This is how PPC work.

But operating your business with PPC advertisement is not an easy task as it take lots of time and strategies to run your campaigns.

Many marketers hire digital marketing agencies to run their PPC ad effectively but in my sense it is important to become your own PPC expert.

Follow some simple tips and become your own PPC expert.

1. Decide Network

It is one of the crucial steps of becoming a PPC expert to run your Ad campaign smoothly. There are many networking platforms like Google AdWords, Bing or Facebook Ad by which you can run you campaigns easily but it increases your time to become a PPC expert.

Jumping from network to network is not good for you if you want to become a pro in pay per click marketing.

If you want to sharp your skills in PPC advertisement platform then it is important to stick on one network. It doesn’t matter whether it is Google AdWords, Bing or Facebook Ad affix your focus on one platform will reduce your time of learning. Once you’ve, grasp a particular network you can always grasp another network easily. Holding on one network and utilising it every day, you’ll ultimately get the master of it and understand the little facts and hacks appropriately.

2. Mapped Your Audience

For running your Pay-per-click Ad campaign it is crucial to understand your audience’s need. Analyse where your audience spend online, at which networking platform they used to search their niche whether they are using Google AdWords or Bing or any other small networking platform. Understand what makes your audience to search that niche, what they need at what time? How do they purchase and what they purchase online?

Once you complete this task and mapped your audience specifically then, it becomes an easy to organize your campaigns that will claim specifically. It helps you to understand your success of PPC campaign and refine your audience.

3. Analyze The Metrics

Once you decide your networking platform, it is crucial to study its metrics also. Pay per click metric contains lots of digits and stats so it is important to choose right metric for your campaign.

Metrics involve:

• CTR Click Through Rate

• CPC Click Per Rate

• Quality Score

• Cost Per Conversion

• Return on Ad

All these metrics helps you to understand better growth of your campaign that, Is your campaign running successfully or need any modification in the process. There are thousands of people who become an expert in this ratio so, if you want to be an expert it is important for you to learn each metric carefully and also apply practically on your website’s campaigns.

4. Take Inspiration From Others

No matter where you are working, your competitors always around you. To acquire professional skills and strategies, it is important to take knowledge from your competitors. This sound bad I know but it’s really not. Only your competitors give you valuable knowledge and skills to run a PPC campaign effectively.

By analyzing their ads, you can get an idea of their PPC strategies and how they are creating their ads and also teach you many tips and skills.

5.Importance of Excel

As you know PPC contain lots of digits and stats to work on this metric you have to use excel tools. For detailed functioning of rows and data with number of columns excel is a breeze. While running your PPC campaigns ads it is important to use excel for all metrics.

Try to learn the shortcuts as it helps in consuming time.

6. Practice More Practice

Practice makes a man perfect! This is the perfect statement for sharpening your PPC skills and campaign strategy. Try to practice on your creative writing skills and techniques just like a content writer. Because writing dull and low headlines with poor quality of techniques will not help you to run campaign ad successfully.

7. Make a Goal

Before start learning to become an expert in PPC it is important to set a goal. It might be short-term goals or long term goal but make sure you will make strategies to achieve those goals. Learning new techniques and advertising hacks should be in right direction.

8. Understand AdWords Editor

It is one of the best tool to get your Google AdWords. It revamps your advertising account so that it function more to your requirement. It helps you to prohibit errors from your running campaigns. It automatically generates keywords and helps you to choose wisely and minimise your time. It guides you whenever you used repeated and similar meaning words. It helps you to promote your PPC campaign wisely.

9. Revamp your Campaigns

By using some techniques and strategies, you make your PPC campaigns best. There are many tools and techniques which helps you to find negative keywords that automatically block you web traffic from your campaigns such as search query report. It also produces new keywords for your ad campaign. As we all know keywords play a vital in search engines ranking also. It helps to attract your web traffic. If you want to tender highest ad positions on your website then make sure that your PPC campaign ad has maximum visibility.

10. Structure of Theme

Before your start your campaign you need to organize a specific theme for your campaign because no one wants to see inconsistent things. The attractive theme attracts more visitors at first sight. Whenever you plan to run any PPC campaigns, make sure to be persistent with attractive skills. Never try to copy other’s style, and strategies may be it show result at first but later on your ranking will fall.

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Advantages of digital marketing

Earlier, businesses based on selling goods & services and get payback. Businesses were only limited to door to door or radio and television ad promotions. But now, with the help of Internet technology, marketing style and audience targetting have changed. Our technology is getting faster and advanced in numerous ways, which makes our life easy and gives us many benefits in every field. Due to advanced technology growing business become an easy task only if you are choosing the correct option for your business.

Let’s Understand What Digital Marketing Is? 

Digital marketing is an internet-based online marketing tactic, which use to promote businesses and services to consumers.

Some Most Common Digital marketing Promotional Tools are: 1. Website ( 2. PPC or Pay-Per-Click (google ads). 3. SMM Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). 4. Video Marketing (Youtube). 5. Email Marketing (Mailchimp)

The platforms mentioned above use to promote businesses and services.

Many businesses have already experienced the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing in their business. Selling products & services at an online platform also give a boost to your earnings and targets.

How Does Digital Marketing Works?

It is essential for business owners to understand, How does digital marketing works? So that they can use the right tool and campaign to reach and engage the audience to increase productivity. As we live in a world where technology gets advanced day by day, and from that point, our business must make an attractive presence in the advanced and competitive world. By using digital marketing tools, you can gain more traffic on your website that generates leads and leads into a customer, which automatically gain business revenue.

The advantages of digital marketing are as follows.

Online Customized Audience Targeting

Online Marketing has features where you can target your audience according to age, gender, location, choices. These features help to get exact customers, and also it is a cost sufficient. For example, if you are selling a lady’s bag, you can easily target your website ads with the specific female gender.

Generate Faster Conversion

Online paid marketing campaigns to get approved within 24 hours from the publisher. To generate faster conversion, you have to pay an extra amount (high keyword bidding) to specific keywords or search items. That helps to bring more customers to your website, .and you can quickly sell them your product or services.

Low cost marketing

Digital marketing or online promotion is cost-efficient. You can run your campaign as low as 500 rupees and get a few leads or conversion.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

As we mentioned above, digital marketing is cost-efficient. andyes, it provides a maximum return. Digital marketing tools also create reports so you can easily calculate your profit and loss.

Increase trust and credibility

When your business provides quality products and satisfactory services, then your customers share their feedback on the comment box or review section. Also, they share it over social media platforms to there friends family. It increases the trust and credibility of your business.

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Get The Top Position In Google SERP And More Visitors With Organic SEO Service.

Why search engine ranking is important?

Ranking is the most important part of any online business success. Have u ever clicked on second page of google SEO Result? No one does right! According to a study, 95% of web traffic occurs on the first page of google after this, remaining 5% or less occur on other pages. You know what! Google has all the magic powers it wriggles automatically those pages which is more relevant for its user related to any topic.

For your website’s success, it is important to come in top position in google SERP so that people will know about your brand and services. If you’re not ranking your site on the first page in SERP for admissible skepticism then people will never know about your brand and businesses and this will not as much lead as you expect. 

Reason to be in top position

This is the reason why you need to be in top positions in Search Engine Results Page. Once you reached the rank in the first Google’s SEO you’ll gain visibility which result in more conversion and revenue. 

Ads and PPC is the good option for you by using this you can easily rank your Google SERP. But sometime it becomes little costly. 

How to rank your website organically?

There are many other organic SEO services and strategies by which you can grow your rank and improve your position in google pages but yeah it will take time and lots of strategy for gain visitors organically. 

More Backlinks.

It is one of the best tool for rank your website organically. Backlink means links your website through other’s Website it will generate visitors that directly visit on your page and improve your rank in search engine ranking page. It is the important part of organic SEO service. More approaching links to your page content from immense power domains demonstrate your website on Google, transfer more web traffic and automatically revamp your search engines rank. 

Work On Header Tags.

Try to use H1 and H2 Header to create your content more effectively as it increase the accessibility for the visitors to read and understand content easily also it helps search engines to see the appropriate tags because it is a correlation process. By using H1 and H2 header tags your visitors can understand the structure of content easily and search your keywords easily on Google. 

Right Keyword A Right Way.

Don’t use the popular keywords, always try to use right keyword which more specific with your services and content of the website. If you use right keyword with long tail then Google will automatically analyze your website as a terminal for your specific content which rapidly increases your search ranking on Google page and support your visitors and customer to find your services.

Setup Feature Content.

Be a creative thinker try to write as much as creative and good quality content for your website. Don’t try to write for promotion of your website. Try to write featured content with appropriate usage of keywords and unique usage of words. Never copy your content from any other website. The more good content attracts the more organic traffic. 

Take Advantages of Social Media.

Raise your presence on social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. This will help you to build your profile and website on the internet. Link your website on social media accounts so people jump direct to your website. It will help you to gain more visitors. When people visit directly from your social media and spend their time on your website, it transfers powerful indications to Google that websites contain admissible content.

Upgrade Your Website For Visitors. 

According to many studies, there are four most powerful ranking pillars i.e. visits on the website, time spend by the visitors on a website, total number of pages per time, and bounce ratio. All these precisely linked to the involvement your site is providing to your visitors at a time. It is easy to understand, if your website is accessible and likable to use and provide relevant information, you will gain more visitors, who will spend more time on your website and visit pages and this will help you to improve your search rank on Google.

Try to upgrade speed of your website because in July, Google start using site speed as a ranking determinant. While it said that “Speed Upgrade” will only influence limited percentage of a website, but still it is a good idea to upgrade the speed of your website so it will boost your search engine rank and user’s experience. 

Fix Errors 

Studies show, having a featured link on your website is one of the outstanding method to boost your web-traffic and set up the authority. But some links that carry 404 errors will affect both your expectations of visitors and search engine ranks. So it is important to fix that link and errors by using right tools and techniques. 

Local Search 

Most of the time people using their mobile phone to search for a relevant service available in their local area. If you want that your services will show up in top local searches, then assure your website with Google Business list, try to post content in Google also make sure that your services will listed in local catalog. It will help to generate organic traffic on your website.

Compress Images 

Compressing your images on a website is important to increase the speed of your website also it becomes accessible for Google to analyze the pictures on your website. Make sure your pictures are compressed with eloquent names and contain ALT text. 

Check Result 

It is important to check your website result regularly. It will help you to fix bugs and error also make sure you are using some tools like Google Analytics to track your web traffic on your website. Always try to track what they are searching for and what are the keywords. It is important to provide right service and information to your visitor which automatically helps you to gain organic traffic.